Monday, August 29, 2011

What a ridiculous few months!

I'm am so sorry for not getting back to writing this. I've had a really "eventful" last few months. I will start from the beginning. So, I am working in retail right, well I got to the point of being so stressed out that I became a Negative Nancy. It was terrible. So, I took a break, had to go take some stress management sessions and stepped down from my position at work. I was completely out of my mind. Thank goodness I am better.  Then I've decided to get into my art work again as well as a Harry Potter and Star Wars addiction that I am still recovering from. While I was doing more and more drawings, paintings, cut outs, etc., I found a very nice farmer's market in a place called Mandeville, LA, where I can sell my art. So then I was working on that. Now David is turning 26 in 2 days and I have been getting with his parents to cook dinner for that. All in all, I completely forgot I had a blog. ha ha.

Anyway, on a more positive note. Dave and I have reached 20% to our goal of $15,000 toward the RV. Exciting!!! Which comes to an amazing website that a friend recommended. It is called Smarty Pig, and it is an online savings account! Where people can donate and we can save our monies up to buy our RV. It is really great and has a better interest rate than any the banks I've ever heard of.

Also  here is a link to my Etsy if you want to see my art! :D   Lovely Jellifish

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