Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm moved and determined!

I have moved to a new blog, and I'm more determined than ever to keep you guys informed. Me and Dave decided a few days ago to go biking across America instead of Rving! Well we are bouncing between the idea. For more information go to my new blog!


Monday, August 29, 2011

What a ridiculous few months!

I'm am so sorry for not getting back to writing this. I've had a really "eventful" last few months. I will start from the beginning. So, I am working in retail right, well I got to the point of being so stressed out that I became a Negative Nancy. It was terrible. So, I took a break, had to go take some stress management sessions and stepped down from my position at work. I was completely out of my mind. Thank goodness I am better.  Then I've decided to get into my art work again as well as a Harry Potter and Star Wars addiction that I am still recovering from. While I was doing more and more drawings, paintings, cut outs, etc., I found a very nice farmer's market in a place called Mandeville, LA, where I can sell my art. So then I was working on that. Now David is turning 26 in 2 days and I have been getting with his parents to cook dinner for that. All in all, I completely forgot I had a blog. ha ha.

Anyway, on a more positive note. Dave and I have reached 20% to our goal of $15,000 toward the RV. Exciting!!! Which comes to an amazing website that a friend recommended. It is called Smarty Pig, and it is an online savings account! Where people can donate and we can save our monies up to buy our RV. It is really great and has a better interest rate than any the banks I've ever heard of.

Also  here is a link to my Etsy if you want to see my art! :D   Lovely Jellifish

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Crazy City of New Orleans

  Yesterday, Dave and I went to New Orleans. It's an amazing city by day, and a crazy city by night. It's a city that never sleeps! Going through the streets during the day there are antique shops, art galleries, boutiques, musicians playing on almost every street corner, and voodoo shops. During the night it's completely the opposite, all the shops are closed and you have bars, pubs, strip clubs, and people everywhere. People are on the streets trying to entertain tourist for money, by any means necessary. I met a man who could play the clarinet to wonderful songs like "It had to be you". We went to eat pizza at a restaurant called Rotolo's. We met some really cool people who work there. All in all, it was an amazing day. All of this is only making my imagination run wild thinking of all the adventures that David and I are going to embark on in a few years.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ADD and Planning

Yesterday, when David came home from work he made fun of my ADD. It seems I jumped around a lot on my sentences. I apologize for that, it can be a bit confusing. He's probably going to start editing the blogs. Oh, well!

  Anyway, back to my idea. I've been thinking about it day and night. I've been reading blogs of people who already have done it. I've already planned on putting one or two solar panels on top. There is an amazing website that has all the information I could ever ask for. If you plan on doing this, this is a great place to start. cheaprvliving.com We also plan on getting rid of most of our things that we are too used to having. Things that people take for granted everyday. We have already sold our Xbox, gotten rid of my Playstation 2, traded in all of our games and donated probably a fourth of our belongings. I really miss my playstation 2 but I know I will get over it in the long run. You can't fit all this junk in a small rv anyway. I still have a lot to get rid of.

  Things I plan on keeping are my DS, my 4 year old laptop (still a trooper!), and the LED computer screen for a tv. We watch Netflix anyway, waaaay cheaper that way. We are both still pretty big nerds, we have a steam account for video games, and possibly get an aircard for internet. As for phones, (forgive me I have ADD) we've talked about sharing one phone and having a simple prepaid phone for emergencies, in case we separate, like going to work or something.

   All in all, this is the first time in my life that I am genuinely excited about being alive and being me.

Monday, July 4, 2011


My name is Kristin, I'm 22 years old and I have this idea.

   Well, my boyfriend Dave and I have this idea. It's not going to happen for a few years but all of the wheels are in motion.  It all started when my roommates went on vacation. Dave and I were all alone, something we didn't like very much. After all, we were living in a house with four other people. And while we were alone, we realized something. We didn't want to be there anymore. We then set into motion to move out, we started looking up apartments in far away places like Arizona, California, Oregon, all the places out west that we wanted to go to.

   Then while on the internet one day, it hit me, Dave and I always wanted to travel, and we planned on it when we get older. But this idea is so crazy and yet it feels so right. We just got out of $4,000 worth of debt, we are getting tired of where we are, and we have been eating healthy (for the most part) and saving on groceries (also for the most part). All signs point to yes. Instead of waiting for a retirement that will never come by working our lives away in a retail store for 40 years, we are leaving our lives and stuff behind by gettting a small rv and travelling west. Now this really isn't that crazy of an idea, there are plenty of people doing this already. Some people on foot.

But, according to what society wants us to do. This is crazy.